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How to Become a Sovereign

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This ebook, “How to Become a Sovereign,” by Amunhotep El Bey, shows you how to be above the law, as long as no one is injured and no property is damaged. This ebook shows you how to correct your status from debtor to Secured Party Creditor.

When your status is corrected, you become the agent of the strawman name that is in all caps on your Birth Certificate, Social Security Number, and your Driver’s License. The beauty of this relationship is that you are not responsible for any past, present, or future debts, liabilities, or obligations of the strawman name that your parents picked for you at birth. In other words, the government will have no jurisdiction (Power) over you, because you will have no contracts with the UNITED STATES Corporation. You will have no contracts with the government because this ebook shows you how to revoke all of the colorable illegal contracts that was made on your behalf when you was too young to consent to them. When the redemption process is complete you will have successfully separated your real flesh and blood person from the corporate legal fiction that was created via Birth Certificate, Social Security Number, and driver’s license.

If you truly want to be free from government and their control then this is the ebook for you. Take the land back and control of your person by fully freeing yourself with this great ebook. This book is not just for Moors (Blacks). It’s for all races, creeds, and colors. This book is a universal book designed for the freedom of everyone.

This ebook shows you how to discharge all of your debt with your UCC Trust Account, once the account is opened. That’s right, if you are in debt, you should buy this book. This book is literally worth its weight in gold. I know some people that are charging $500.00 US dollars and up for this information, because it is worth it. Not me! I’m only charging $75.00 US dollars for all of this information, because you are going to need the money to buy stamps and photo copies. If you’re not willing to invest $75.00 US Dollars into yourself to help yourself, then you don’t want to be helped.

This book gives you legal remedies to use just in case the government violates any of your God given rights as a Sovereign Citizen. If you ever get a ticket, get arrested, or go to jail, this book will help you get relief. This ebook doesn’t just show you how to become a Sovereign Citizen, it shows you how to defend yourself as a sovereign.

Additionally, this book comes with an ebook called the, “Moors Book,” that gives your the secret history of the Moors. Moor means land, Black, and navigator.The Moors were a group of Egyptian high priests that was the custodians of the Egyptian Mysteries when they brought Europe out of the dark ages. The Moors established the order of the Mystic shrine and the Knights Templar. The Moors are the true fathers of civilization, because they gave knowledge to the world after Egypt fell and when Europe forgot the Greek mysteries during the dark ages. The Moors Book is a must read book and its free with the purchase of this great ebook, “How to Become a Sovereign.”

This purchase comes with free consultations from me via my email address about the redemption process. The best customer is a happy customer, so I won’t just leave you guys hanging with a stack of legal documents and you don’t know what to do with them. I’m here to walk you guys through the process, if needed. Thank you for your time and God bless all! Peace!

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